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ORDİS REGISTERED BRAND AT TURKEY BY MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY CLASS 41 Education and training services. Symposium, conference, congress and seminar organization, administration services. Sports, cultural and entertainment services (including ticket reservation and ticket provision services for cultural and entertainment events such as cinema, sports events, theater, museum, concert). Magazines, books, newspapers, etc. services related to making publications such as ready for printing, delivering them to the reader (including the provision of the aforementioned services through global communication networks). Film, television and radio program production services. News reporting services, photojournalism services. Photography services. Translation services. Class 44 Medical services. Beauty care services. Services related to veterinary and animal breeding, livestock breeding, farrier. Services related to agriculture, horticulture and forestry; landscape design services Consultancy services regarding workplace and personnel health

Ordis hakkında
18 Aralık 2020 - 16:18 - Güncelleme: 28 Haziran 2021 - 03:23

Our target; To help transform the world with a good life mission, to progress by taking the United Nations Sustainable Development goals as an example.

-Quality education,
-Decent work and economic growth
-Sustainable city and living spaces
-Responsible consumption and production

The Good Life Academy, as an ORDİS LLC project, includes training, culture-art, olive culture and natural life workshops that will be realized with the membership model of the academy, and includes programs that are certified by live broadcasting and video, and certified training studies.

Cultural excursions also include programs open to intercultural interaction for young people and children.

Good Life Academy ‘s one of the responsabilities will be part of diversity and inclusion in education through families and young generation...



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